We hope you and your family are able to attend our Christmas Eve Service on Wednesday, Dec. 24th, at 6:30PM. This is a traditional candlelight service that centers on light of the world – Jesus.

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14).

The core truth of Christmas is that God the Son takes on a human nature and is born into this world – fully God and fully human – so that he could save people from their sins. Because Jesus is God in the flesh (God incarnate) he is able to be our representative and substitute; as our substitute, Jesus is able to offer forgiveness for our sins as he takes upon himself the just wrath of God deserved for our sins; as our representative, we receive a righteous standing before God based upon Jesus’ life lived in perfect submission and obedience to God the Father. The Incarnation of Jesus is essential for our salvation. As I’ve studied the Incarnation this season, I’ve found it also provides indirect, but still substantial reasons, for standing up for life. Here are two:

One of the challenges I have heard to being pro-life is this: “What about a child who would be born and then because of physical issues not live a full life?” The question attempts to elicit compassion for ending a life that would not be full. In the Incarnation we have a clear answer to that false benevolence.

Greatness within

We know Jesus’ death was foreshadowed in the Scripture (e.g. Isaiah 53). How much Mary understood about her son’s future death is unclear. But what if Mary clearly knew that Jesus was born to die? And if she did, what if she would have believed those who claim to be compassionate and “saved” Jesus from not living a full life?  Imagine for a moment what would be the condition of our lives?

All children are born to live except for one; Jesus was born to die (John 6:51). The shadow of the cross hung over Jesus from the moment of conception. And even though his life was to be short, Jesus fulfilled the Scriptures and offered eternal and abundant life to all. The one who was born to die, gives his life freely so that all might be born to live. A full life is found in God not in the length or quality of one’s life.

In the Incarnation, we are reminded that all children, even those whose life will not be full (by other’s definition), should be born to live.

Another often used challenge is the situation surrounding the conception of the child. Concern for protecting the reputation of the mother and saving the child from a lifetime of shame is used as a justification for ending a life.

In our traditional pictures of the journey to the Bethlehem and the birth of Jesus, Mary and Joseph usually are depicted smiling, glowing, and in a great light. And yet, if you look closely at the biblical narrative, you will find quite the opposite view. From the announcement of her pregnancy till late in Jesus’ life (Mark 6:3), a cloud of shame and social stigma surrounds this family.

DarknessA clear glimpse of this humiliation comes from the fact that there was no room at the inn (Luke 2:7). Being part of  a culture that valued children and family, combined with the reality that Joseph was in the hometown of his family with a very pregnant Mary, there should have been many willing to give up their spot for a family member and a pregnant woman. Finding no room was likely caused by people being unwilling to associate with this family of ill-repute. Both Joseph and Mary were assured of the holiness and purity of Mary’s pregnancy (Matthew 1:20, Luke 1:34-35), but from the womb till full grown, Jesus was still a man despised and rejected by other people (Isaiah 53:3, John 1:11).

God sends his Son into the darkness of dishonor, depravity, and death to offer to people of all ages and circumstances the gift of becoming his children. Therefore, because of the Incarnation, no situation is beyond the redemption of God.

God is Pro-Life

In the Incarnation, all excuses to take life fall short. No other child has ever or will ever be born to die and to take upon himself the shameful sins of the world. God gives up his Son so all might know life.

Standing up because of the grace and truth of Jesus,

Pastor Aaron

Message preached on Dec. 14th, 2014, by Pastor Aaron Brockmeier.

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Message preached on Dec. 14th, 2014, by Pastor Aaron Brockmeier.

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